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DKitten's Mobafire Blog

01 Jan

Views: 428 Showdown

So I decided I would run a game of Showdown b/c why not?

My bans were Varus, Brand, and Master Yi. Enemy banned Lux, someone else, and Heimerdinger. I went for people who'd be able to harass me from behind my minion line.

My Ashe ( Long Sword + 3 Health Potions) vs their Ryze ( Boots + 4 Health Potions). So both mid-game champions.

I'm pretty sure I have the advantage, taking a longer-range AD champion with consistent slows and a first-shot cheese. Anyways, won from a kill (though I also had higher CS due to zoning).

And I...
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09 Dec

Views: 335 @A@ FINALS

(((( ;°Д°))))

I had two finals today. Circuits and E&M. Circuits was a breeze, E&M took much longer b/c I didn't study (b/c open book multiple-choice test and b/c I needed to study for Circuits more).

I have Mechanics of Solids (aka, Engineering Stress) on Thursday afternoon, followed by an interview for a co-op on Friday, followed by my last final (Differential Equations, which I should do well in if I study) next Monday.

And then break.

Sweet sweet break.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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04 Dec

Views: 421 That awkwardness when...

you're Gangplank and there's a Miss Fortune on your team.

Bot game had random wtf-own-with-aoe team comp. Zyra/ Gangplank top, Katarina mid, Miss Fortune/ Annie bottom.

Ran bankplank mfw Built two Avarice Blade items

Starting game with Relic Shield + pots. Sold Targon's Brace later for Talisman of Ascension as my last item.

Final build (in order): Ravenous Hydra, Berserker's Greaves, Frostfire Gauntlet, Statikk Shiv, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and Talisman of Ascension. Oh the amount of AoE...and the MS we gained when...
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28 Nov

Views: 762 Happy Thanksgiving ♫

What are you all thankful for? mother's sweet potatoes :P

I'm sitting at home watching the Macy's Parade. It's a tradition in my house :)
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25 Nov
Top-Down above reads Left-Right below
Bought Rod of Ages pretty late. Realized I had 35% CDR and went, "Welp, better build health now I guess..." I was bottom with ADC Ahri (Rusted Gold/Ninja Trigger). I think Cptpan was mid. Maybe it was Firestone.

I had a Frost Queen's Claim or its lower-tier parts until I sold it and bought Rabadon's Deathcap cuz my team wanted more damage.

Also saved someone's butt with [[Locket of the Iron...
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