I think 3 deaths is pretty good...and one of those was me taking out a turret while being bombarded by two champions XD I was pretty good at kiting (no duh), but the enemy was stupid enough to chase me until I led them to an ally at full health.

Bottom lane was Ezreal/ Janna vs Jinx/ Zed, which means I was actually able to harass Zed a lot. Kinda dubious about Frozen Mallet AND Frostfire Gauntlet on Ezreal, but it did make him tankier. He had pretty good reaction speeds too, though he did once Flash into a Super Mega Death Rocket!

Their Aatrox disconnected maybe 30 minutes in? I noticed it when my team was Lv14 and he was still Lv9.

Noticed pretty much their entire team was physical, so I got Randuin's Omen before Mikael's Blessing (which I needed earlier, but postponed). Got Nomad's Medallion and Sightstone as early as possible, and bought quite a lot of Total Biscuit of Rejuvenations. I think I had enough active items.

I traded in my Greater Totem for a Farsight Orb late in the game...I probably should have traded it in earlier. I would have gotten the Greater Lens, except they never put out wards...

At one point, Caitlyn tried to ult me when I was at 400 health, and it did so little damage. It was hilarious. I ended up starting to block off a lot of Jinx and Caitlyn ults so they wouldn't reach the rest of my team.

I used Monsoon twice as a reposition tool and once as a heal. I also interrupted two Shyvana ults, stopping her right as she jumped with Howling Gale.

My team was very assassin-y, so I had to remind them to take out turrets after they finished killing nearby champions.