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iNQQBi (Unverified)
Lee Sin, Nocturne, Jarvan IV
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Hi im iNQQBi and thats my summoner name on EU West, feel free to add me. =)

I love LoL and im playing it constantly, i love to play with AP champs and i wanted to choose 1 type of champs with what will i play allways, and my choice is: AP Casters.

My Main casters are: Anivia, Fizz, Gragas, Ryzeand Veigar.With this Casters i usually go mid but on Ranked sometimes i go solo top with Gragas.

Other lanes (casters): Lux:Top, Gragas:Top, Fizz:Jungle, Fiddlesticks:Jungle...

Thats it and if u have Ranked team on EU West and u think im a good player (my elo is like too low and im embarrassed with 602 elo -.-', but i got that elo with noobs and i lost couple ranked games and then i started losing constantly but now im pushin it to top, and i think i will get to 1000 elo soon!) just add me (iNQQBi) and we can start pwning on ranked games! =)

If u think i helped, just do this: +Rep me. :D GOOD DAY PPL OF MOBAFIRE!