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Doggiepawslm (Unverified)
Lulu, Leona, Anivia
Support, Tank, Mage


I main and love playing support, but I am willing to play any role (however, my least favorite role is top...). I like playing higher skill cap champions, such as Orianna, LeBlanc, Nami, Thresh, etc. I hate playing easy champions, such as Lux, for example (I hate her with a burning passion), because of how they usually work. I tend to play more supportive champions that can assist greatly in teamfights when I play carry roles, such as Anivia or Orianna when I go mid, Maokai and Rammus when I jungle, I don't play top much (but Shyvana is one of few top laners I kinda enjoy, though I don't have her), and Jinx and Varus when I play ADC.

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