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Veigar, Renekton, Janna
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Sup, just a normal mid player making my way up the ranked latter. Best champ altogether, in mid - veigar, can play plenty others. Best top - Renekton, best adc - varus, best supports - janna, soraka and lulu. Kinda slacking on jungling right now ever since the trundle rework, but I usually play with someone who jungles themselves or just solo queue it up and find plenty. I'm interested in trying out a ranked team and basically getting better at the game. I feel all item builds should be pretty situational or else you're playing at a disadvantage, but that's probably pretty obvious as you move up the ranked latter. I also find it to be pretty useful to listen to people who have different playstyles, especially when they're up against someone most others would consider a "counter". By doing that, i've learned to play against almost any champion vs veigar and come out winning my lane. But, at all roles, i derp up sometimes and I'll admit to a few bad plays and off days, but i'll usually win my lane even then. I might stream on twitch sometime, not sure what exactly i'd be talking about or doing, but maybe if someone gives me an idea or encourages it, i'd be happy to start. Hit me up on LoL if you wanna get in touch, I doubt you'll find me on mobafire too often.