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Hi let's see... I'm Canadian, I play a few online games including Starcraft, WoW, Guild Wars and LoL of course. I got into LoL just after my brother started and I have enjoyed it very much so. I am currently trying to work on a 3v3 team that fits some of our favorite champions. I've already put about $100 into the game and have unlocked some very nice champions as well as boosts for IP and now working on my runebook. I hope to be writing more guides once I have been playing for a while longer.

I am currently 25 years old working evenings. I mostly come online after work or my days off to get in a few games. If you are looking to arrange a 3v3 or are interested in joining a 3v3 please message me on here. I look forward to being more productive on this site and becoming a better skilled player.