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Renekton, Mordekaiser, Volibear
Fighter, Tank, Support


Top lane main trying to get the hang of most melee top lane picks. No ranged or poke champs though. Right-clicking from a safe distance isn't my style.

I pick Renekton for the majority of games. He was my favorite champion before I even installed the game. I remember looking through the current roster before getting League in search of a character I'd like. I saw Renekton, watched his abilities and knew this was the guy for me. Close range, bruiser, with life-steal of some sort is everything I could want from a champion. Now he's my main pick no matter where he is in the meta. Right now he's doing quite well and boy do I miss the Spear of Shojin seasons. Now he's a Lethality bruiser which is pretty cool.
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