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22 Apr

Views: 2751 Code for Braum reveal

Hey there. I was working on writing up the article for Braum's reveal, but after I was finished writing the first half I actually looked over the article and realized it's probably a ***** to code and I'm too lazy to do it, but I at least saved what code I had ready. If anyone wants to tackle it, be my guest.

Code is right here:
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22 Nov
"If you've ever dreamed of nuking an enemy team with five Final Sparks, chaining together a series of Unstoppable Forces or living forever with back-to-back Chronoshifts, now's your chance.
One for All will be available from 11/22 to 12/2 so cover the battlefield with Cannon Barrage and have some fun!"

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10 Oct
Full article is here.

Stuff of note:
  • Xerath rework
  • Heimerdinger rework
  • Sivir's new ability icons
  • Ahri nerfed
  • Corki and Tryndamere slightly nerfed
  • Mana cost reductions; most noticeably on Solar Flare, Chaos Storm, and Wish
  • Tormented Shadow is now an execute what.
  • Two new Xerath items: Chancellor's Staff and Emperor's Sceptre; both of which are blatently overpowered

The most interesting things to me are...
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