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I am on the NA Server. I've been playing for about 2 years. I play AP Damage roles that put me at range. I can play AD Carries such as Ash or Caitlyn. I can Jungle, but do not enjoy doing so for extended lengths of time. My weakest role is Support, but I do enjoy playing duo lanes with Carries and providing them early game kills. My biggest frustration is I do not play characters that can take Dragon alone, though I have played Shaco in the past. I do not enjoy how he drops off in the late game though, so I no longer play him. The most common mistake I make is not thinking before I perform some actions, and thus engaging incorrectly due to impatience. The actions I perform best are warding, supporting ganks, performing CC, and getting assists. I am currently practicing achieving maximum CS every game. I am level 29, and halfway to 30. I have previously leveled another account to 30, then left League due to frustations about people taking my buffs with 1 auto attack. I am available in the evenings on the weekdays, and all day on the weekends, Pacific Standard Time. I am looking to join a 5 man premade for Ranked.