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Wukong, Jax, Cho'Gath
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Jun 19th, 2013
League of LOTTD
Jun 19th, 2013


My name is Dougie and I've recently joined Mobafire to further discuss league related topics and become more immersed into the community. My aspirations are to hopefully (slowly) create a successful build most likely about Wukong. I also have a very distant dream of making a living out of League of legends through guides, videos, streaming or journalism. I am currently completeing my VCE year 12 academics in Australia. I've only played ranked games for roughly a half a year but believe I have the knowledge and understanding to further pursue my dream. This can especially became true when the Australian server comes out! ( no more dealing with 200-300 ping). My blogs will be about ranking experiences or random topics I want to discuss. Hopefully you will be slightly entertained for what I have to offer, if not any constructive criticism is welcomed. Cheers

P.S I'm also looking for any 5 v 5 team in gold or higher and main top and adc

Dugiedguie NA server atm