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DuskToGlory's Mobafire Blog

01 Aug
I started getting into internet artwork a year and a half ago, downloaded the free gimp, made a few sigs that I thought were good(they weren't). I slowly became better through the assistance of more experienced artists, but the one thing I couldn't handle was making an images from a stock, somethimes I couldn't find a render of an image I wanted to use.

One day I decided I'd learn to render, I figured out the basics, and it was highly rewarding and actually kind of fun. there are still...
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31 Jul

Finally, finally felt like doing this again, I had initially intended a different subject for this blog, but as I got to thinking, I'll push that topic aside for blog #4 in exchange for this:

The final member of my ranked team just recently hit 30, Our team was together for a while, we were just waiting on our last member. I don't know when we plan on actually doing a ranked 5v5 but that isn't the point of this blog. I figured I might get a start of the ranked feel, and start doing...
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17 Jul

It's that time again... It is?... Oh yeah, the whenever I feel like it time.

So yeah, the house is all packed up and we are on the road, first stop was up in the mountains with no internet access. second stop, My grandparents forgot the wireless password, so I'm stuck on a LoLless computer. long story short, I haven't had a chance to play LoL for 3 days, up to 6, sad isn't it? I was hoping to get some screen-shots for my Pantheon guide.

Oh well, I'm back on mobafire at least, and...
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13 Jul

Now that my introductory blog is out of the way, it's time to get down to business.
But first, how do you like my totally unnecessary banner? see what I did there with the title? ahuehuehue!

This will probably be a "whenever I feel like it" blog about glory and other stuff (mostly other stuff) like updates on my WIP Pantheon guide(hence the picture), information on my up and coming ranked journey, and random stuff about life.

Totally pumped about the new changes to Twitch,...
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