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Dzopilant (Unverified)
Teemo, Ziggs, Bard
Marksman, Mage, Support


Hello, my name means "Hilarious" in French and you can just call me "D-zo" or "Mr. Comet" its cool :)

I like wine, cheese, I live in the city of love (alone sig), I am a big Teemo main with more than 1.6 Millions points but also big fan of Resident Evil* mixing both within my fabulous Revelations Teemo guide ! Check it if you DARE !
* : Even created a full gameplay adaptation of Resident Evil 1 into Sims 3 (check Resident Evil 1 A and Resident Evil 1 B if you are curious)

Unfortunately people FEAR the mighty Teemo so they BAN him, but how wrong they are, because there is much much worse, there is ZIGSMO ! Check this Fallout Zigsmo guide to learn how to BOOM and MEGA-BOOM these cowards !

Guide friends concept : I shall reply to any comment and usually check if you made a guide too, read it and leave sometimes a comment if I play the champion. I strongly believe we are stronger united so other guide authors, even about Teemo and Ziggs, are recommanded within my guides, I sometimes comment positively and upvote some of them or just PM my thoughts when I have less positive things to say or mistakes I spot.
Silver Member friends : Friendly comment on one of my guides.
Gold Brother friends : Top friendly and supportive other guide(s) authors.
Platinum Super friends : Friends helping and motivating me to improve my guide(s).
Diamond Commendator friends : Amazing friends showing huge appreciation of my work.

Members AMAZING benefits and exclusive bonus :
Your name with a ❤ IN COLOR in the glorious "HALL OF FRIENDS" below
Access to deep secrets about the meaning of life and beyond (Aka 42 and 43 way)
An automatic entry to my fabulous surprise raffles with free signature, banner or review to win

Interested to join the Guide friends club ?
Just leave a comment on one of my guides or PM me :)

02/02/2018 : rise from notable to remarkable, ❤ for you !

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