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Claw Shrimp (Unverified)
Warwick, Gangplank, Olaf
Melee DPS, Jungler, Support


I play League of Legends as a casual player with my girlfriend. I like trying out peoples guides first playing in intermediate bot matches and if I enjoy it i move on to pvp.I try to rate them the best I can on how hard someone worked on the guide. I'm no pro by any means just someone that enjoys playing this game with friends.

I like playing every roll in the game.

Tank: Amumu / Shen.

Support: Jenna / Sona / Taric.

Dps: Gangplank / Singed.

Jungle: Warwick / Olaf.

^^^^^^ My favorite roll classes.

About me: I been a gamer for a very long time my first real hardcore gaming was world of warcraft which I no longer play after that i moved to this game with friends. This has been a great game since you can play it as casual gamer I also play a lot of xbox with over 70+ games. I'm a nice guy that likes to have fun and meet new people so if your bored and want to play a match add me on League ( Claw Shrimp ).