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Karma, Rammus, Warwick
Support, Tank, Jungler


Hi there :)

I'm a recreational gamer in my mid 20s. I was introduced to League of Legends by my best friend of 20-some years who goes in-game by the name of m4g0t.

I discovered the champion Karma back in February of 2011 and fell madly in love with everything about her, prompting me to write a big fat guide which you should read because Karma's awesome and I want you to fall in love with her too ;) As of July 29, 2011 it's #1 for Karma and #1 on all of mobafire for any champion :) ... so I guess people are going to be VERY disappointed when they add me and I suck.

But at least I always have a good excuse when I feed! ;)

My preferred champions to play for the 5 main League of Legends roles are:

Support - Karma
Tank - Rammus/ Shen/ Cho'Gath
Offtank - Warwick/ Udyr
Ranged DPS - Kog'Maw
AP Carry - Malzahar/ Swain