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Missies (Unverified)
Lux, Ahri, Miss Fortune
Support, Caster DPS, Ranged DPS


My goal is to become a dedicated member to Moba-fire.
And be on the top 20's of Leauge ladder.
Xin Chào!

. My name is Ellie, well it's spelled Elli though, but I like it with an "E" at the end. I was named off a girl named Elli from Harvest Moon, and my mother's name is Cecilia! There is a child in one of the harvest moon games called Cecilia. Cool right? ... No? Okay. :(

. I am 16-18, keep guessing :D! They call me a Mobalita. I live in Richmond Hill, CA. The above picture isn't me, but my affection for Sandara Park . If you can't tell by the "mobalita" I am a female.

. Quote:
LaCorpse wrote:

Love you Ellie <3

As you can see, Bree loves me. I'm so awesome, you jealous now?

. I am a gamer girl, YES! I play games. You probably thought "Girl = Guy in real life". Well, heck no, when I say I am a gamer girl, I AM A GAMER GIRL! I love playing Leauge of Legends, I've played since like May something, 2010, but I quit for a year and rejoined in June Something, 2011.
You can add me, I am on NA server.
My name is: Missies
Cute right? :3.

.I am currently really lonely and I need a duo partner for ranked games because I am in elo hell, and I want to get out of the 900's at least. I would also like it if you could teach me some stuff in Leauge because I am still a bit stoopid at the game. I can play 3 out of 5 of the roles in the standard team comp.

. I love art, like I love drawing anime. It's so fun! I also like drama, hey ...acting isn't bad, and definitely writing. I love writing short stories! I also like MMA. (Mix martial arts, so cool!) I really hate Science, like don't even talk to me about it unless it's something cool. I like have cool science classes not all those boring not my cup of tea stuff. I also don't like Math. I admit, I am not smart. I also nerd rage like HotshotGG a lot, which I'm trying to get over.

. Okay well, Were almost done my biography...
Do you remember S CLUB 7?
We are 2 in a million, we got all the looks !

Champions I own:
- - - - - - - - - - - -
All the female champions.
Twisted Fate
Master Yi
Nunu & Willump

- - - - - - - - - - - -

** Oh and I can be friendly when you meet me, but I bite when we become good friends :3

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