So I've been looking through all these guides and most of their names contain stuff like "Competitive s3 guide" or "ranked s3 guide" or "competitive ranked guide" or something of the sort.

Then I started to wonder. What was the definition of a ranked guide or a competitive guide?

I always used to think a ranked guide was a guide written by an upper-level player and a competitive guide described the many competitive playstyles of a champion.

Should a so-called ranked guide be a guide written by some 1.3k elo player?

Should a competitive guide be written by someone who doesn't attempt to explain or even put in tournament playstyles / builds in their guide?

Kinda confused here :/

I personally feel that 1.5k elo is a benchmark where people actually don't have misconceptions towards the game and that players below it shouldn't be writing these so-called competitive guides or ranked guides because all I see are people claiming to be knowledgeable and able to play at high elos when they aren't credible themselves.

What is the defintion of "Competitive" and "Ranked"?

Just wondering. No hate.