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Embracing's Mobafire Blog

17 Aug

Views: 880 hi friends

Hello all,

I'm back in the US for college ;o

Shud be fully settled in a few days n i can finally play some NA leaguerino!

Haven't played ranked for a dam long time hopefully i dont suck ;-;

Anyone wanna play some games sometime ;o

I'm in the east coast with 80 ping to na and 100 ping to euw

rip 12 ping in china
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10 Aug

Views: 4060 DIAMOND 5!

Man, it's been a dream of mine to be up this high... I still remember back in season 1 when I was still stuck in 1000 elo complaining about how i thought I deserved to be in gold. Never actually imagined I'd ever get this high up.

I'm so close to the top now, only three steps away!

Feels so good to have finally won over a challenge.

Gonna take a break now.. That climb from plat 4 to dia 5 was rough on my brain!
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29 Jul
Want free upvotes on your guides?

Step 1: make sure your guide doesn't suck.

Step 2: go to all the review shops you can ever find and ask for reviews.

Step 3: wait for all the free votes.

Step 4: give them +rep so the messed up system continues.

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27 May
Hi guys!

Not sure if you people know about this but I just wanted to bring this up.
If you've noticed, there's been a mass insurgence of specific AP top laners in the asian servers. I'm sure many of you are wondering why they would do that when lacking a clear tank initiator in the top lane. This is mostly due to a concept I call artificial tankiness (not sure if there's a proper term for it).

Artificial tankiness is not really a stat. Rather it is a concept of the game. It forces enemies to not attack or forces them to reposition and essentially stalls them in engaging.
The main...
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