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Embracing's Mobafire Blog

03 Feb
I'm starting to learn and play top lane again (this time at higher elo) because I feel that my focus at top lane is much easier than it is at bot. This means that my Riven guide and Renekton guide will be updated with better quality when I have the chance.

As of now, I feel my Renekton guide needs an update. I feel I have to rework all my explanations for Renekton because of the recent uprising of his new status in a team composition.

For those who don't know - Renekton's state before was a simple tanky early-game offtank which fell off late game and excelled in...
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26 Jan
So I've been looking through all these guides and most of their names contain stuff like "Competitive s3 guide" or "ranked s3 guide" or "competitive ranked guide" or something of the sort.

Then I started to wonder. What was the definition of a ranked guide or a competitive guide?

I always used to think a ranked guide was a guide written by an upper-level player and a competitive guide described the many competitive playstyles of a champion.

Should a so-called ranked guide be a guide written by some 1.3k elo player?

Should a competitive guide be...
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24 Jan

Views: 550 Y everyone mad

So I've been browsing through all these forum posts and everyone's all mad and crazy.


Let's take a minute to look out the window and enjoy the view, then calm down and come back to the computer.

<(= ̄▽ ̄"=)>

Much better right?

Maybe some people are wrong and some are right, but we as humans just have to forgive each other right? The community would be a much better place.


^ ^
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