Hi guys!

Not sure if you people know about this but I just wanted to bring this up.
If you've noticed, there's been a mass insurgence of specific AP top laners in the asian servers. I'm sure many of you are wondering why they would do that when lacking a clear tank initiator in the top lane. This is mostly due to a concept I call artificial tankiness (not sure if there's a proper term for it).

Artificial tankiness is not really a stat. Rather it is a concept of the game. It forces enemies to not attack or forces them to reposition and essentially stalls them in engaging.
The main two examples are Rumble and Kennen.

Rumble has his ultimate which essentially stalls enemies. It forces enemies to either take a huge amount of damage and get slowed or to not walk over it and get zoned out from the fight. It also functions as an initiate as well. This ultimate creates room for the squishier carries to reposition and attack.

Kennen has his ultimate which cc-locks enemies down. It forces enemies to flash out or get stunned inside the ultimate and take a lot of damage. This ultimate greatly helps the ADC in damaging enemies as it creates room for the ADC to position aggressively.

The item that creates this sense of artificial tankiness the most for all the AP champs is Zhonya's Hourglass. It's quite self-explanatory. The invulnerability for a couple of seconds allows more stall-time, especially for initiate champs like Diana, Twisted Fate, or Kennen.

This concept was what the EU team comp in the EU vs KR game 1 actually looked like.
Kennen, Evelynn, Rumble, Varus, Blitzcrank.
At first glance, you'd think that they had no tankiness. However, when closely analyzed, both Kennen and Rumble create artificial tankiness and allow the carries to fight.

They did lose this round however, due to a complete counter by the Koreans (Lee Sin ulti to kick back kennen, Alistar W to knock back kennen).

I think this team comp really fits Gambit Gaming's playstyle however, and I'm expecting to appear once or twice in the future.