Some kid trashtalks me super ****ing hard in a normal on my smurf and I 1v1 him

Ezreal vs Ryze

I 2/0 him cuz he “miscalculated" that I had heal and i ulted him and he had no reaction to use his own heal.

Then I ask him "how do we determine who wins" and he goes like "idk". Then he's like ”You should build bloodthirster ******" Im like dude who the **** is 2/0 here? he's like "OH I DIDN'T LOSE YEt"
So i proceed to 5/0 him because of really simple and ******ed stuff. He never died to engage; he died all to poke and kiting.

****ing kids

then I say GG

and he says GG means kneeling

jesus christ this kid ruins my mood so much