Please stop trying to use math to justify EVERYTHING

Math is only a tool for verification it's NEVER a tool for determining what's better or worse.


Because the game isn't static.

Math is good, yes. It's good for checking out simple stat comparisons, cost-efficiency comparisons, and damage calculations.

I can check how much time it takes a gp5 item to become efficient with math.
That's one clear example of the proper usage of math.

However, people should never rely on sole math to solve everything.

You almost always cannot consider every single factor in the game.

Under what circumstance will you be attacking a champion straight on 1on1 and then dying?

In lower levels of play, yes.
Higher levels? Nope.

That's one reason as to why you don't build items for flat-on dps. You cannot factor in every single move the enemy will do. Will he kite you around? Will he use his ability to reposition himself?

Game flow is also another factor to be considered.

Should I rush a BF sword over getting double doran vamp on an AD carry?
Theoretically speaking, yes. The item builds off into items better.

In reality? It's situational. Double doran vamp will almost always win lane and result in a stable farming environment.

There are 10000x more examples I could give but that would be overkill.

Also, many people are overvaluing math. You don't have to have the optimal setup to reach higher elo. If you look at some orB player (I believe it was Nien), he used 2 rune pages to get to high elo.


Please stop using math to play the game.

Math is one aspect. Game experience is probably 100x that (not exaggerating)

I do not and will not listen to arguments with "math backing it up" from a player with no experience. You guys shouldn't either.