Hello everyone!

I am here to give some updates on what is going on!

First of all, I have reached the NA standard for platinum (1850) yesterday on my CN account. Finally with the cool guys :D

CN finally updated season 3 as well, so I think I can fully update my Renekton and Riven guides soon. I don't play much top at all now (Mostly play ADC) so I think I may need to call in other people to help edit my guides.

According to a 3rd-party program I use, I'm in the top 1000 of my server!

Feels real damn awkward when you have a silver border and the rest of your team has plat borders LOL

Anyways I'm still quite busy with my personal studies (Junior year very important!) which means I cannot devote to guide-making. Maybe during holidays or if I'm free I'll work on a guide for ADC's or sthn.

Also how the fk does the jungle work now? Am confuzzled. Any good junglers wanna give some advice? I know the basics (at a 1500~1600 level I'd say), but I need to teach someone else, so whoever is knowledgeable pls teach :D

Also any good adcs wanna give some advice for builds and masteries as well?