I'm loving her so much.

IMO she's gonna be a top pick once she's released.

If you guys didn't know, her W has no delay, no mana cost, and is basically a free ward. The refresh time is also insanely quick. This means she can plant seeds when she's moving without stopping. You can also place a seed after you use your abilities to plant a plant down.

Her ranges are quite short (her only downside imo)

But her combos and CC's are insane. Her E is basically a Morgana Q that can go through units

Her Q is a mini Xerath ult with decent range. You can Q onto two seeds to instaplant two mini turrets that feel stronger than heimer turrets.

Her ult is a huge nuke but I feel it's really iffy :/

This is all from my perspective from my first game (I went double doran kage raba)

I'm thinking WOTA would be insane on her. Maybe WotA Rylai?

I also think she could be really strong at top. Her E basically stops all engages on her.