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Will be updating this as soon as I get time

I have been playing League of Legends for awhile now and have improved my skills in this game dramatically compared to when I first joined this site. My first two builds on Irelia and Renekton were rather.... bad... passable, but bad.

I have recently come back from learning more about how most of the champions work and how to build them in my own way. My most recent guide is on Jungling Diana (Diana, Jungler of the Moon). It is a very in-depth guide on how to jungle Diana, how to build her the way I do (and reasons behind the items/runes/masteries I choose), and some items that are her counter and how to counter those items (if possible). I do plan on making more guides on older and when new champions come out (If I like the new champions that is).

My play style as of right now is pretty all over the place.

My main mid character is Mordekaiser, I would also state that he IS my main champion in the game right now. I also play Lux and Kayle mid. I do plan on learning more champions in the mid in the future. UPDATE I am starting to phase out as a mid player. The only recent additions to my mid play would be Morgana and Diana. Other than that, I am trying to expand more into the field of jungling and support.

My second best area of play, I would have to say, is Solo top. My best top right now is Kayle, oddly enough. I have found her to be a great counter to most of the Melee Bruisers that normally go top because of her E. Other champions that I have worked on in the top lane are Darius, Mordekaiser, and Malphite. UPDATE I can add Garen and Dr. Mundo to this section now. Went I made this section, I generally knew how to solo top with these champions but now I feel confident enough with them to say I could play ranked and do well as these champs.

My third best area of play is Jungling. When I first started jungling, I learned on Warwick (A great beginning champion to learn to jungle). I really can not say that he is my main nor can I really point out my main champion that I jungle with. My personal favorites in the jungle right now are Warwick, Uydr, and (as of recently) Diana. UPDATE As of the release of Vi, I would add her to my list of junglers that I am confident with. I would actually go as far as saying that she is my main jungler, but I don't know what the future has in store for her because she is a strong champ that could be nerfed in some way. Even with a possible nerf in the future, I still rank her as my best jungler right now. I have also learned how to jungle with Amumu, Hecarim, and Shaco.

Support is one of my other areas of play, even though my mid, top, and jungle are stronger in my eyes. I only support on Lux and Alistar. Both champions to me have been even in how well I do on them, but in ranked, I have not yet lost a match as support Alistar. UPDATE I can add Leona, Taric, Sona and Soraka as my list of support champs. I would say that Leona has become my best support but Alistar is still one of my best supports.

I can honestly say, that AD Carry is where I am horrible. My only AD carry I have even done well with is Draven. I have played Ashe and won a few games with her (including one ranked game so far) but I would only add Draven to my list of people I can play as AD Carry. I do hope to get better here when I get the time to study the play style more. UPDATE I am still horrible at this position... I am just not an ADC player. Tough to accept that but hopefully one day I will figure it out.