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Hey guys my name is Equilibrium, but if your going as far as to read my bio then my summoner name is zac123201. If you couldn't have guessed my real name is Zac, no i don't spell it was a K or a H :P

I proudly live in the united states and speak english and chinese. I play on the NA server.

I am still in highschool, junior year, I play Halfback for my school's football team, I made all-confrence and all-state tailback. So obviously I don't suck, yes it was for the highest class in my state, which is class AAA. I'm no computer nerd by all means but, I really do love league of legends. With this in mind I thoguth i would show a few of my builds to the world. I have been playing league of legends for a long time, with many games under my belt.

If you guys have any questions just feel free to message me in game, or right here. :)