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Originally a DotA player. DotA was my game for a few years, along with neverwinter nights. When starcraft 2 came out I immediately switched to that all day every day, then over this past summer, I picked up LoL and it has just been amazing, and I'm completely hooked. I actually went back to DotA a few weeks ago to get a blast from the past, and, lo and behold, 95% of all current players are total d1cks. LoL and sc2, being online games, do have their share of ****talkers, but so much of the communities are made up of good people who actually want to help. That is one of the best things a gamer can ask for in his community.

TL;DR - if you see a newb, help him. you were a newb once. If you see a noob, report his whiny ***, we don't need 13 year old ****talkers.