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EvilNinja145 (Unverified)
Swain, Vayne, Sona
Caster DPS, Ranged DPS, Support


I was invited into league by people I know through my sport, while I know the basic fundamentals of league I have a strong problem with grasping actually playing well at league. I thought I should join the forums to get some community help for the noob I am after being recommended a character, spending everything on it, and failing at it.

A little about myself other than my recent obsession with league is that I am still in school, actively participate in my schools crew program, and roleplay online during time when I am not busy with everything else.


And now looking back that character I sucked at is my main and I am better than anyone(Opinionated but proven in 1v1's) on my crew team. I am branching into the extended knowledge that comes with thirty, but for now I have simply been playing comfortably.