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efxkkz (Unverified)
Ashe, Lux
Melee DPS, Caster DPS


Hey guys my name is dherek , i am new to MOBAFIRE so i wish to be a good member in this community.

Skype: efxkkkz
Steam: klumzee69

My gaming career started when i was young my first ever console was the nintendo64 as my childhood years this was all i played untill the XBOX came out. the first FPS game i played was HALO that game had gotten me addicted to this whole gaming life.

Around 10 years of age my school friends introduced me into runescape my first MMORPG game which i played about for 2 years got to a point where my parents didnt allow me to play anymore. After taking awhile off the whole gaming side i heard the xbox360 was comming out so i got it straight away.

During the my XBOX360 stage all i played was competitive for a website named cybergamer made it in to top 3 for every single cod game and mode there was but yet again parents took it away from me and thats when i started play pc games.

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