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Annie, Twitch, Fizz
Mage, Assassin, Marksman



I'm an mid-lane and jungle main with the in-game name of FalleN3. My highest rank in Season 7 was Platinum 4. After many ranked games on several of my accounts I ended up extremely disheartened with the toxicity and general scumbag attitude of the league community took a break from ranked for a until the end of Season 7.

You can generally find me playing Annie mid or Twitch/Shaco jungle..

I am from Ireland and love playing League! When I was first introduced to LoL by friends many years ago, I wanted to play the biggest pain in the A** champion at the time.... - Annie was one of them so I picked her up as a main. Nowadays, she is a go-to champ for me.

I stream Monday - Thursday [18:00 - 21:00] (Irish Time) GMT+1
I try to have a very laid back and chilled stream.