Yep, I will. As long as it's graphic design/editorial design/identity design/webdesign(eh you'll regret this)/illustration/photography. All I require is a job/paid internship.

Now why would you want to do that? Well, because I'm awesome, you'd have my eternal gratitude, my potential eternal friendship (**** happens) and I'd gift you something. Like a ferret. Or skins. Or a personal assassin. I can also cook, design stuff for ya, make *****y spot-on remarks on people you hate, pacify your mother, and I got a PS3 I can share.

No really, get me a job in my area or close and I'll take sleeping pills, pepper spray and a plane trip to whatever the job is. Except probably Iran/Iraq/Jamaica/Uganda/Countries where a man can't give *******s without getting stoned to death by actual rocks.

Plis. My country's job opportunities don't exist.

tl;dr: You ask, I answer. And give me a job.