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Fangride (Unverified)
Maokai, Lulu, Vladimir
Jungler, Support, Caster DPS


Hi there! Fangride here! Been playing for around a year now, have reached the lovely level of 30, and am really enjoying my time with the game!

My favorite champions are:

1. Lulu - Has slowly wormed her adorable way back into my heart, with some very fun support games, and awesome Dominion presence, and just a great skillset.

2. Maokai - Such a powerful jungler, with some great mechanics all around.

3. Orianna - While she was a pain to learn, Orianna has become my mid staple, and is extremely powerful given the right build and strength!

4. Taric - One of my favorite supports, he's really a beast bottom lane with a AD carry, and can dominate in his own right as well. Plus, his Jungle strength is amazing!

5. Vladimir - A really fantastic sustain mid, and a powerful top laner, Vlad has some major power when played right, and I really enjoy him!

I've currently written two guides for Mobafire, Maokai, the Charred Treant, and Gems In the Jungle, a Taric Jungle huide. I'm currently considering writing several other guides, but we'll see how that pans out.
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