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Dezhawk (Unverified)
Elise, Ezreal, Jarvan IV
Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Jungler


Hello, guys!
My name in LoL is Sisu HÐ on LoL. Feel free to add me. I'm level 30, currently playing toplane, ad-carry, and jungle. I can do all positions but toplane and ad-carry are my best spots.

Ranked carrier: S3: I just started playing ranked 2 weeks ago, and right now I'm on Bronze II.
I would like a duo-buddy. I don't play all day because of sports, school and friends.

Languages: I can talk English, Danish and Faroese.
- My main language is Faroese.

As a person: I try to be as good as possible in the League right now. With a winstreak of 5 without duo-queueing. I am a aggresive player, especially in toplane. As jungler I'm often farming the first 4-6 levels, depending on which champion I'm jungling with. I'm an aggresive support and I often play Taric, Blitzcrank and Sona.