So I thought this might be fun.

Hi there, Harry here. I'm going to write a blog about my FUN adventures in the dreaded... Bronze Solo Queue..

In my opinion, Bronze is the worst place to be in League Of Legends. Full of feeders, trolls and leavers! I'm currently in Bronze 1 with 66 LP and I'm trying so hard to escape. *cry*

This blog is abit of an introduction I guess, not that anyone will read this. But this is just for my own amusement mostly, I'll write every week telling you about my encounters in ranked solo queue.

I'm going to leave some ranked stats below or you can find my profile on EUW, IGN : ForeverFrozen.

Thanks for reading!

Ranked Stats :

KDA - 826-474-886
Double Kills - 84
Triple Kills - 11
Quadra Kills - 3
Penta Kills - 1

Per Game Averages :

KDA - 7.6-4.4-8.1
Creep Score - 148.2
Damage Dealt - 122,634

Most Played Champions - Quinn (16), Riven(7), Vayne(6)

Quinn Stats

KDA - 179-64-107
Double Kills - 19
Triple Kills - 6
Quadra Kills - 1

Per Game Averages

KDA - 11.2-4.0-6.7
Creep Score - 184.1