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ForeverFrozen's Mobafire Blog

11 Jul
Hey guys Harry here.

I've been on a tilt in ranked over the past two days. (DEFEAT DEFEAT DEFEAT) I don't have much to talk about, but I wanted to talk about my most recent game.

I was playing top against Kha Zix as Riven. I stomped him, I even got a double kill one time when Volibear ganked.
An enemy is Legendary.
WHAT! Turns out Ezreal had been feeding behind my back.

In the late...
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06 Jul
Hey again, Harry here! ;P

I know I said I said I would do this weekly, but I just had to tell people about my past few days. I've had some amazing games, and terribad games.

I got my first Pentakill with my favourite champion!!!! (See profile picture ;P) I love you Quinn.

So if you've red my last few blogs, you'll know i've been trying to get out of bronze and I actually did it. (Check my profile to read them.) Some people say getting out of bronze is easy and another can...
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04 Jul
Yay! Blog time! (I'm having a lot of fun doing this.)


I'm out of bronze! My promotionals went really bad though, so much feeeeed. I won 3 in my promotionals and lost 2. My best of 5 went like this: (Y = victory) (X = Defeat)


I was so nervous on my last game, and I swore to myself that if I lost my last ranked game I would never play ranked again, but I did and I'm so happy! The last game I won I was playing one of my favourite ADCs, Vayne ^^ (10-1-5)
In my other promotional games I was playing my mains, Quinn ADC and Vi Jungle. Here, have some...
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30 Jun
So I thought this might be fun.

Hi there, Harry here. I'm going to write a blog about my FUN adventures in the dreaded... Bronze Solo Queue..

In my opinion, Bronze is the worst place to be in League Of Legends. Full of feeders, trolls and leavers! I'm currently in Bronze 1 with 66 LP and I'm trying so hard to escape. *cry*

This blog is abit of an introduction I guess, not that anyone will read this. But this is just for my own amusement mostly, I'll write every week telling you about my encounters in...
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