Hey again, Harry here! ;P

I know I said I said I would do this weekly, but I just had to tell people about my past few days. I've had some amazing games, and terribad games.

I got my first Pentakill with my favourite champion!!!! (See profile picture ;P) I love you Quinn.

So if you've red my last few blogs, you'll know i've been trying to get out of bronze and I actually did it. (Check my profile to read them.) Some people say getting out of bronze is easy and another can do it, I always reply with the same thing.

You don't know bronze until you've been there.

It took me about 4 months to get out of that hell. Every game someone was either feeding, trolling, raging or afk'ing. But in all honesty, I miss bronze. Bronze was soooooo much easier than Silver. Anyways, let's talk about my recent games.

So I've had good games and really bad games. It was great at the start, as soon as I got to silver I won 5 games in a row and got into my promotional series. In the promotional games I didn't get ADC. So I played some Jayce top. My first game I was 9-7 something like that, I know I suck, and my second game I went 1-9. I know I suck. After losing my promotionals I wasent too bothered but after those games I went on a 5 loss streak and went right back to 20 LP. (Damn feeders!)


So yeah, now I'm sad :(

I might take a break from ranked for awhile, well I say that but I'll probably be back in ranked tomorrow. >.>

Sorry about the shortness this time, I didn't have that much material to work with. Thanks for reading my 3rd Blog on my Solo Queue Climb. My previous blogs can be found on my profile. Blogs every few days. Thanks for reading.

Harry out. ;3