Hey guys Harry here.

I've been on a tilt in ranked over the past two days. (DEFEAT DEFEAT DEFEAT) I don't have much to talk about, but I wanted to talk about my most recent game.

I was playing top against Kha Zix as Riven. I stomped him, I even got a double kill one time when Volibear ganked.
An enemy is Legendary.
WHAT! Turns out Ezreal had been feeding behind my back.

In the late game, I was pretty fed. But nothing compared to the enemy Vayne who was 22-2. In late game team fights I focused Vayne so hard, charged through the enemy lines to pick her off, but she was impossible to kill. I was the only one focusing her on my team.

Ezreal: You dont even know how to build Riven

I had a Doran's Blade, Bloodthrister, Black Cleaver, Guardian Angel and Frozen Mallet. (In that purchase order) What on Earth wrong with those items! Most of them are core on Riven!

So the whole team took sides with him and I got raged. SO HARD. He was such an idiot, He kept making sexual references in everything he said. He kept telling me to bend over.. It was horrible.

This guy had no idea what he was building.

I actually asked him, "Do you know what blue build ezreal is for?" and he couldnt reply. Blue Ezreal is for Kiting and Split pushing! Neither of which I saw him doing. My point is, don't build something you have no idea what it's for! I dont even play Blue Ezreal and I know what it's for!

*Sigh* I hope I get out of Silver soon. Blogs every few days, Thanks for reading.