Yay! Blog time! (I'm having a lot of fun doing this.)


I'm out of bronze! My promotionals went really bad though, so much feeeeed. I won 3 in my promotionals and lost 2. My best of 5 went like this: (Y = victory) (X = Defeat)


I was so nervous on my last game, and I swore to myself that if I lost my last ranked game I would never play ranked again, but I did and I'm so happy! The last game I won I was playing one of my favourite ADCs, Vayne ^^ (10-1-5)
In my other promotional games I was playing my mains, Quinn ADC and Vi Jungle. Here, have some match history:

10-1-5 Vayne - Victory
5-5-2 Quinn - Defeat (I suck)
7-6-9 Varus - (<--- Terribad) Victory
9-6-4 Vi - Defeat
20-7-15 Quinn - Victory

9-6-4 Vi - Defeat

9-6-4 Vi - Defeat

9-6-4 Vi - Defeat[/b]

But Harry, you got a positive KDA, how could you possibly lose!?! :D

FEEDERS, no but seriously. FEEDERS. Ill describe the scenario then explain it.

ForeverFrozen: Hi guys, premade bot ^^
(Duoing with my friend, Lauren)
(Im also first pick)
ForeverFrozen: Banning all ze op champs
Yay pick time!
*Goes to click Quinn o3o*
Justice takes wing.
Yaaaay, Quim Ninja!
*Looks back at champion select, A caitlyn has just locked in below me*
ForeverFrozen: Umm..I said premade bot :s
Summoner 2: I don't care.
*I had to LoLKing this guy, average kd 6-6-3, oh good he sucks.*

He ends the game on 2-10. .__________________. <--- My face. It was really difficult to gank because the enemy botlane had that S*** wareded! and our support didnt buy pink wards to make it easier for me. I mainly camped mid that game who was also struggling, but not dying. *An ally has been slain* Oh great now top needs help. I go to gank mid again and me and Katarina kill Ahri. *An ally has been slain*

Swain (Top): Afk, no help from the jungler.
._______________. <---- My face.

So I have to top now against the Jarvan with 2 kills.
-2 minutes later-
*ForeverFrozen is on a killing spree*
Not that difficult!

Thanks again for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry about the length, I just had alot to write about. Blogs every week! Please leave a comment!

P.s So I called this blog "Climbing out of bronze" and I thought I would get a few more blogs done before I got out of bronze...sorry. I'll try and think of a new name for next blog. Bye!