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18 Jul

Views: 546 Guess who's back?

You heard right! The great I is back! Fox to the Rage, Fox Rage.

I haven't been on for the last months, mainly because I completely lost all interest in League Of Legends. I also had tons and tons of stuff to do lately. Last week, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go play LoL with him and his friends. I accepted. While playing, I gained back all the interest I had in this game. Therefore, I'm back on MOBAFire too :P
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15 Jan
Jhoihoi made a blog on how to make a women attractive, and I found out there was no such thing for guys! That is unacceptable! Some guys out there would like to know how to become attractive. Why would girls be the only one to have that kind of thing? That is why I decided to make this blog. Here it is, Fox Rage's blog on how to be attractive as a male!

1- First of all, to be attractive as a male, you need to be a REAL MEN! There are lots of things real man should never do. Sadly, our society wants to anihilate real mans, by making showers, and vegetables, and all that **** mainstream!...
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