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06 Apr

Views: 1782 Life update pt. 1

So I decided to write down my accomplishments for this year and elaborate on life events influencing my League-related time management. Don't think most of you will be interested enough to read this through, but I felt like it wouldn't hurt to put it out here.

Table of contents
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09 Jul

Views: 628 Note to self

I have to stop learning coding, making builds and playing this game when I have to study.

Got this feeling it might be weighing on the results.

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18 Jun
I like Ashe. I really do.

But whenever I lock her in people tend to be mean and harsh, saying things to me you really don't need to hear over and over again.

Every time I play Ashe I win by carrying the game, or lose trying.

So the other day I was playing on my smurf who's at about 1750 elo (not far from my main account). I lock in Ashe and, surprise surpirse, the flaming had begun.

"Omg are u real, that champ so trash"
"Wtf why do you troll you ******"

I went 20/3, (no need for me to tell me what they said when I died those three times)& scored a...
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