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Duck Lov3r (Unverified)
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Aug 14th, 2012


Starting LoL in 2010, Fuggernought befriended with many players all around the globe. Of course there are many haters, but we won't talk about those. As Mentors, he had two 1,9k Elo players right from the start, letting his League skills grow rapidly through good guidance from those acquaintances, but sometimes those SoloQ pros where a bit too hard on him, expecting things he couldn't do yet.
I mean seriously, how are you supposed to juke a teleport Lux Ultimate as Corki, when your Valkyrie is down and you don't have flash, because you weren't level 12 yet? How the **** was i supposed to dodge that ****??? Yeah, **** you too Darkproslayer.

His natural affinity for games like League of Legends helped immensly too, enabling him to reach level 30 fast and start off ranked with a win ratio of 80%, all pure skill of course, no luck involved. At the end of season one he already had gold elo and got the nice Jarvan IV skin.

After trying to find a clan that suited him best, he went through a lot of League of Legends Groups and Clans, where he played and communicated with lots of different and dedicated players.

Almost two years have past since his beginnings and so Fuggernought aquired two years worth of experience with the game, becomming a player with a rich and fund knowledge base of League of Legends, its champions, the metas and strategies, excelling in both theory and real game enviroment.
Now belonging to the old iron in this game, he happily shares his knowledge by playing with rookies in ranked/normals and utilizing

Mr. Fuggernought loves the midlane and the support role and hates the jungle, except for jungle Nunu & Willump, which is broken. He also loves to rage, have fun and to troll when bored.

BTW on youtube: "MrLautheYellowDanger" is him
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