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Lux, Brand, Jinx
Mage, Support, Marksman


--> Female // 17 // AceAro // Most people call me Sky
--> Linkin Park Soldier (+ Disturbed, Written by Wolves, Halestorm, TSO, etc.)
--> I enjoy drawing tribal art so if you ask for a picture don't expect something astounding
--> iOS Games I Play: War Dragons (Hydrofang) // Summoner's War (_Hydrofang_)
--> Pokemon Addict (you're never too old)

--> ARAM Player mainly, I play Classic when I feel like attempting to raise a Champion to level 6+
--> If you're looking for someone to make yourself look better just come my way~
--> Always accepting of new people to play with, and, in dire need, mentor
--> No salt here I blame everything on myself so you can blame all of your problems on me as well

I enjoy giving advice but remember you can always take it or leave it. I have the right to be wrong and you have the right to notify me about it. However, there are some times when you should keep your words to yourself and move on. Recommendations are not to be taken so seriously, and failure can only be blamed upon the user.