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Monthy Python (Unverified)
Caitlyn, Malzahar, Volibear
Ranged DPS, Caster DPS, Tank


I played LOL for 1 year, and I still have a lot to learn. I love Carries, for their powerfuls Auto-attacks KS :P. I love Mages, for their powerful AP spells. I love Tanks, for helping allies getting the kills and survive trough everything ^^.

I love playing Caitlyn, Teemo and Vayne as a Carry.
I love playing Malzahar, Fiddlestick and Veiger as a Mage.
I love playing Nautilus, Volibear and Rammus as a Tank.

Don't be scared to call me for help or even for a game! :3 (i'd love to!!!)
Soonly will be in a ranked team, hope to see you there.
See ya!