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14 Nov


Ok so I started playing vayne not too long ago. Hoping to use her to climb in the next seasona nd all. In all honestly i suck at her. Like at all parts of playing the game with her, not just farming or combat.

So i had a question i thought id bring to you all, as a community.

Is there a certain mindset you get into when playing certain champions? Like playing when playing different ad carries. And if so what are they? Are you thinking "Farm farm farm farm" Or are you thinking something more along the line of " I need to be here so i can kill them"or like in team...
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07 Feb
Ok so I've been playing Twitch forever, or it least feels that way. One thing I've noticed is that early game dictates the match as a Twitch. Some games I get a good early start and I just end up hyper carrying. Sometimes I get a slow start and have maybe 1 kill or 1 death at the 15 minute mark and neither side of the lane has pushed in to the turret. I'm looking for some tips by more experienced Twitch players on how to in the early game.
As I play unless my support is playing aggressive and is one of those supports that can put that pressure on such as a blitz, thresh, alistar, I play...
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