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I live in Canada
I have Asian background

Full name: Sheen Shengcer Zhou

-C.C Elementary (completed)
-E.P Secondary (In Progress)

Hobby/Dream: Art, Gaming, Instruments, Dance, Pentatonic-like singing group, Comic artist, Astronautic scientist, Animation artist, Composer, Electro music creator, Free writer, Interactive arts and techs.

Art: Traditional, Wanted to try digital, Art skills are fair, Wanted to try out fresh stuffs

Gaming: Wanted Overwatch real bad, Plays League, Warframe, Warface, and wanted online new battle field and call of duty black ops, and many not listed, Have played Spore, and old Warcraft strategy game, I would love to play with friends, and.. as well as those whom gender varies than all guys.

Instruments: Plays Trumpet, Ditched saxophone (although still playing at times for fun), Recently got double Horn, In school band, Jazz band, Wanted a personal group of combo, blues, swing, orchestral, jazz etc.

Dance: Hardstyle, MAS, Malay, Cali etc styles and shuffle to my own way, Wanted to try Freestep, Enjoyed amazing Hip-hop dance crews, and freestyle electro/dubstep dance thing.

Find me on Instagram: Sheen Zhou AKA. sheenshinesun