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Gizladlo's Mobafire Blog

31 Mar
Hey again Summoners!

I am a Silver II Support/Jungle main looking for a team to join this season on a quest to climb the Ranked 5s ladder. I climbed from Bronze IV to Gold V in Season 3, just high enough to get the Victorious Elise Skin. In Season 4, I climbed to Gold again, this time in fewer games, before leaving the game due to issues with my education. This season, I plan to climb as high as I can, and, on that note, I'd like to touch on what I have to offer a team:

I am dedicated to improving every game, all while keeping the atmosphere fun and light, but remain unafraid to...
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31 Mar
Hey there fellow Summoners!

I've been on MOBAFire for three years now, and I think it's about time I really jump in and embrace this community. It just so happens that this site was the first I joined when I started playing League of Legends, and, gazing back on my career, I am embarrassed at where I've come from.

But only a little! I've gone from the boy who thought support Taric was the strongest thing in the world (and it was, for a brief period back in Season 2) to someone who looks to improve with every game played -- whether it comes from learning a new role for a champion in...
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05 Mar
Mobafire wrote:
You don't have any entries in your blog yet. Why don't you try it out and create your first blog post right now? It's really easy and a great way to reach out to the MOBAFire community.

Unsure of what I might catch, here I cast my line.

I have played League of Legends for a while now. I have had this MOBAFire account for approximately two years, but never have I tried to fit in with its community.

Many of my friends make fun of this site, saying the quality of the guides here is questionable at best. They wonder why I have an account. They...
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