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08 Nov
I've been playing since last September. I'm looking to start ranked team that's friendly and not extremely competitive. I'm on almost everyday, and I mainly use skype for communication, but I'm willing to use Ventrilo or TS3. PM me or message me in-game if you're interested. I'm on Pacific Time, and as of this post it is 12:32 A.M. :D

Server: US (West Coast)
IGN: Glayde
Level: 30
Normal Wins - 300ish (including dominion and ARAMs)
Ranked Wins - 8 (I just got into ranked)
Ranked Solo Queue - 978
Ranked 3v3 - 1102
Ranked 5v5 - 1204
Champions you play best:
- Morgana
- Nocturne
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01 Nov
Hey everyone, I'm Glayde. Here's a small introduction about myself (mainly my gaming background):

I play a wide varoety of games, ranging from FPS, to MMORPG, but once I discovered MOBAs, I was hooked. I play League of Legends and Dota, with a bit of Vindictus. Most of you will know me as Glayde, but my Steam is Zephyr.

I guess I play pretty well, I usually get a decent score. I play a wide variety of champions. I usually play AP Mid or jungle, but in 3v3 (RL friends ranked team) I go semitank. I main Ahri, Lux and Katarina for AP Mids, Skarner and Nocturne jungle, and Mundo/Blitz...
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