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Lux, Janna, Leona
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__* Hey there. My Ingamename is goddesskallisto and I started playing LoL 5 months ago.

__* Since I reached Level 9 I played constantly with my teammates, whom where already Level 30. The first time I ****ed up pretty hard. But it was a great training for me. I learned alot from playing against higher Lvl enemies.

__* My favourite position is support, followed by AP mid. My first character was LUX, THE LADY OF LUMINOSITY. I played her nearly every game, cause my teammates first didn't want me to play AD or something else ^^

__* When I played Janna for the first time, I discovered my love for support. I tried out nearly every champ who can played as a support ingame. My personal favourites are: Janna, Lulu and Leona. I know Leona isn't the typical support champ, but combined with a strong AD like Corki or Graves the botlane get destroyed pretty hard.

__ * My first 6.3k IP champ was Leona and my second Lulu. My first 450 IP was Ashe and my second was Sivir.