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Riven, Ezreal, Thresh
Fighter, Marksman, Support


Yeah well...not much to say about me. I don't really play regularly on the NA servers especially since I'm from the Philippines but I am actually okay-ish-ly decent here. Lvl 22 so far (not really 30 nor ranked) but I have played a lot of games against bots(yeah, my "perfectionist" quirk, bite me), therefore I have had plenty of time to try out certain builds that would fit champions of many roles. I mainly favour being a fighter but am quite decent when it comes to being a marksman. Support isn't my strongest but I definitely enjoy making plays as Thresh. Anywho, If anyone is viewing this (probably just GM but I just want to be sure), I plan on reaching level 30 in the Philippines before actually trying to make guides for certain champs. Play style and strategy may differ but I'm sure it'll add more diversity and new things to players from other servers. Bye for now!