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Hello, you are wasting your time reading my Bio?^^
If you want to know more, write me. Here are some minor facts and the try to recruit Team-members.

Born in Europe - Germany- and still living.
Role: Student Sport & Philosophy
Gender: Male
Age: 20-30

LoL Bio:
  • Joined October 2012:
    I liked that game, because this is real sport in "E": tactical moves, communication and the need for fast reactions like in real Sports. LoL is not a copy of real sports, but a creative sport by itself.
  • January 2013:
    Lvl 30 - ... Go ranked? No. "You need 16 champions- minimum".
  • 2013 Future: - Searching for a TEAM.
    Ranked play in solo/duo and team.
    If you like to join you have to match some requirements:

    1) We communicate
    a) in german
    b) or if we find members with other languages a mixed nations/languages team will be formed - english will be the main language.

    2) We are not only playing
    ...but analysing and trying to become better - not only with quantity of playtime.
    If you dont want to calculate by yourself, you should show interest and creativity through communication with the team and reading guides on Mobafire.

    3) We show nice behavior
    a) We will play for the team!
    b) We never say/write "KS" and if anyone sucks you will not blame him.
    c) We dont blame our foes or anyone. Even writing "Noob" to someone is to much.
    d) We are interested in trying out new things, instead of telling: "i play only ADC or AP-Mid". If you knew all roles and builds and lanes, or want to test it in a team without need for regrets. Use the Messagesystem and become a Teammate.

    4) We can live with the Teamname
    Current Name: Diversion Tactics
    If you can accept that Name, or which we may choose or have ideas for a better one, its alright!

    5) We can live without playing :-)
    3 Aspects:
    a) We may take more Members than 5, but only 5 can play.
    b) We search for people which can integrate the game as hobby in their lives,
    not their lives in the game. Nevertheless, playing everyday may be possible, but is not necessary and not guaranteed. Why this point? If you have business or want to meet friends, that is no problem.
    c) We dont need to play hundreds of Games for a rise of our ELO-Level, we want to raise our skill!

    6) Just optional: You are female.
    Sure, yes, Dont get it wrong ;-)
    I am male, but thats not the point.
    For other reasons than Lol, there are different Find-Your-Love-Sites and Chats in the Internet and -thank goodness!- beyond the borders of the Internet there are public events to meet nice people.
    Why this Optional-Point?
    I have seen some girls here in LoL, but most of them couldn't show themselves in ranked Games. Some sucked - like some guys- but usually there are only 5MEN-Teams and not the best opportunities for mixed teams.
    If you are motivated to show Girlpower in our Team, you are welcome!

    7) optional: You are near by
    If you are from Germany - NRW. That would be ideal, because of possibilites for strategy-meetings and if we can get better than "ok", we can join local Tournaments.

Thats all for now, feel free to contact me.