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Graypozo's Mobafire Blog

23 Jul

Views: 1088 DragonSlayer

Hi guys :)
Ive got a couple of free weeks so Im probably going to do some stuff here on MobaFire ^^
This is a video on how to snowball hard as a jungler, check it out:

DragonSlayer Build - Udyr
(Apparently there is a coding mistake, I cant put the video directly :/)

Its on Spanish, but I just want to show how it works.
Go to 4:34.

He says that, besides Udyr it also works with Warwick, Fiddlesticks, Elise, Volibear and probably Shiv, Xin and Aatrox, but the build on...
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10 May
Im back!
For one week :/

I have a free week until May 19 so I will try to continue with some of the MobaFire things I havent done and should have done a long time ago.
I will try to finish my Ahri guide during this time, but if it remains as incomplete as it is right now I will Archive it for a long period of time.

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02 Apr
Whats up?

So today I had a free day (yay) and I played some league. That URF Gamemode though, I think Nidalee is quite strong. What do you think?

But thats not the only thing I played. You see, Ive been wanting to play Bruiser Kassadin since the nerf, but I always pussied out and ended up playing another thing.
I took courage and played it with a friend on a normal game :D

I dont know if its viable on Ranked, but with a good jungler you can make it work. I got a triple kill when I finished the Tear Upgrade!

This is what I used:

Masteries: 9/21/0...
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26 Mar

Views: 747 Going away...


Im going to make this really quick, so lets jump straight to it:

The transition 2013-2014 seemed to be reallyyyy easy at the first two months of this year, but March hit me hard. Ive been so busy that I havent touched mobafire in a week or so, and thats unfair because Ive asked some of you help and Im not replying D:
Ill be going away for a month or so, this is what I hope to do after this time:

[*] Finish my Ahri guide.
Well yes, I havent had time to do anything, not even on my one and only guide. To the people Ive asked for help at this, see you...
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18 Mar
Yeah so Im here with a new blog!

I get distracted really-REALLY easly, so I couldt kept working only on my Ahri guide for more than 10 minutes (dont judme me D:<). I decided to do something all the community could collaborate!

As you may infer from the title, I am planing to do something like a short guide--mostly a build with a couple of paragraphs. Maybe a little bit shorter than what jhoijhoi is doing (Link) but with one different rule: Meta isnt...
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